Bremerhaven: A different side of Germany

Bremerhaven is a city located in the port of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen, which is a state of the Federal Republic of Germany. It is a part of Lower Saxony state and is located at the mouth of the River Weser on its east bank, opposite of the Nordennam city. Although it is a relatively new city, it has a long history as a trading port and is one of the most important German ports, playing a major role in German trade.

Viewing Platform SAIL City

The ATLANTIC Hotel SAIL City is the highest building in the city, at 140 meters from the ground. The Viewing Platform SAIL City is located at the 20th and 21st floors at a height of 86 meters and offers an unforgettable panoramic view of the seaside city of Bremerhaven, the overseas ports, and the fishing port, as well as the surrounding area and the Weser estuary into the North Sea. You will have the chance to take amazing pictures as long as you enjoy the breathtaking view. The ticket costs below 5 euros and there are special offers and discounts for groups, families and severely disabled people.

Tip: It is better to choose a sunny day to visit the Viewing Platform SAIL City because when existing unsuitable weather conditions, the platform is closed for security reasons.

The Klimahaus

The Klimahaus Bremerhaven 8 ° Ost is known as the climate museum, which combines knowledge and experience on climate themes, climate change, and weather. Along the 8th longitude, you will enjoy a world tour and experience the earth’s climate zones through an exciting and impressive way. You will have the opportunity to cross five continents and nine locations. You will sweat, freeze, be amazed and laugh – and above all meet people from all over the world, who tell about their everyday life and explain how the prevailing climate affects their lives.

Every room of the museum is a simulation of the five continents. You will feel the freezing cold of Antarctica and don’t miss the chance to take pictures close to the huge icebergs. In the next room, the heat of the Sahara desert will make you sweat… The climate museum it is an amazing experience for all ages and a really funny climate tour. Moreover, you are able to try plenty of snacks and drinks from all around the world.

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Zoo am Meer

Zoo am Meer (zoo by the sea) is the smallest zoo in Germany, although it is quite big in terms of wow effect. You can observe the mostly Nordic aquatic animals both from above, as in a normal zoo, and from below. 

But how the idea of building such a place start? In 1912 Bremerhaven was doing well thanks to fishing and shipping – a new investment idea was to be built for the steamers of Norddeutscher Lloyd. A waiting hall with a restaurant and fish food hall as well as an aquarium were planned. The representative for ports and railways in Bremen agreed, and so the beach hall with the North Sea aquarium emerged as the core of the zoo by the sea.

The zoo has 3 different types of tours:

  1. Animal tour (duration 1 hour)

Here an experienced zoo employee will take you a tour all around the zoo. You will have the chance to learn plenty of things about the animals that the zoo accommodates. There are different kinds of animals such as penguins, pumas, polar bears, sea elephants, etc.

  1. Behind the scenes (duration 1 hour)

Are you interested to learn how a zoo works when the lights go down? Then, here is your chance… On this tour, you will be informed about the animals’ care and the preparation that a zoo needs in order to be suitable for the animals and the visitors.

  1. Highlights from the “Animal Tour” and “Behind the Scenes” tours (approx. 1.5 hours)

Here you will combine your knowledge from the previous tours and you will write down your impressions, thoughts, and recommendations about the zoo. 

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@globetrottersphotography hat uns direkt am ersten Tag besucht und auf seiner Facebook-Seite „Zootastische Fotos by Kevin Drewes“ berichtet.🥰 Danke Kevin! Hier seine Meinung zum Besuch: „Erster Tag des Zoo am Meer nach mehrwöchiger Pause: Die Zoos haben seit dieser Woche, im Falle vom Zoo am Meer, seit heute, wiedereröffnet – mit einigen Corona-Sicherheitsvorschriften. Für den kleinen Zoo in Bremerhaven eine echte Herausforderung. Doch man hat sich vorbildlich vorbereitet, alles ist sehr strukturiert und funktionierte schon heute reibungslos. Bei dem doppelten Eisbärnachwuchs Anna und Elsa stehen 2 Sicherheitskräfte, die den möglichen Ansturm an der Anlage koordinieren. Diese sind sehr freundlich und entspannt. Der Zoo ist nun eine Einbahnstraße, natürlich kann man aber mehrere Runden drehen. Das Zeitfenster pro Ticket beträgt eine Stunde. Wichtig ist hierbei die angegebene Zeit des Reingehens. Beim Rausgehen zeigte man sich sehr kulant und vertraut auf die Besucher. Wenn es so wie heute nachmittag recht entspannt im Zoo ist, darf man länger bleiben. Sollte es sich etwas stauen, freiwillig gehen. Ein tolles Konzept, das auch jegliche Kritiker der letzten Tage zufrieden stellen sollte. Ich fühlte mich rundum wohl, alle Besucher waren gut gelaunt und froh wieder in ihren geliebten Zoo zu gehen und die Tiere mehr als neugierig und sichtlich freudig das man wieder Menschen beobachten kann! Fazit: Chapeau an das Team vom Zoo am Meer! Unterstützt diesen tollen Zoo doch mal mit einem Besuch!“🙏🏼🙂 #zooammeer #bremerhaven #zoo #bremen #bremerhavenerleben #polarbearsinternational #eisbär #eisbärbaby #eisbärzwillinge #zoobesuch #wiedereröffnung #norden

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Das Deutsche Schifffahrtsmuseum

The Deutsche Schifffahrtsmuseum (the German ship navigation museum) in Bremerhaven has set itself the task of researching the unique relationship between man and sea and making it tangible in exhibitions. A “Virtual Research Expedition” is about piloting such a boat, research, and life on board the famous polar research ship of the Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI). Using virtual and augmented reality, museum guests have the opportunity to embark on a virtual research trip in polar regions. You can also visit the museum ships in the outside area, which are more than 600-year-old. This memorable experience will make you feel like a part of the crew. It is a great museum with an inexpensive ticket, especially if you have children they will love it!


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The Christuskirche (Church of Jesus) is located at the intersection of Schillerstrasse (Bremerhaven) and Bismarckstrasse (Bremerhaven). The church royal hall was made of bricks in the Gothic Revival style. It consists of the nave with an eastern choir and the church tower in the west. The two rows of columns with the shape of the cloverleaf are constituted the simple cross vault. The interior hall is 29 meters long and 18 meters wide. Almost floor-to-ceiling, Gothic windows structure the outer facade. Generally, it is an imposing church that worths a visit.

All in all, Bremerhaven will give you a different taste of Germany, because it is a city located by the sea. The best season to visit this city is summer because it is not extremely cold and you will be able to enjoy all the sightseeing and a great number of activities all around the city. 

By Marielena Panagakou

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