The scariest travel destinations! (part 2)

In the 2nd part of the scariest travel destinations, you will see places that only from the description you will feel a shiver. Take a deep breath and we’re off…

You can check here the first part, in case you missed it.

#5 Nagoro, Miyoshi, Tokushima, Japan
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Nagoro village is located in Japan and is known as the village of scarecrows. In the year 2000, a former resident of Nagoro village was forced to return there in order to take care of her elderly father. She was feeling lonely so she started creating a doll with the same characteristics as her father.

The unique characteristic of that village is the large realistic improvised dolls that replace the population. Today, that resident has created about 400 such dolls that represent existing ex-residents or imaginary faces. It is one of the scariest destinations in the world because it has a very large number of inhabitants in it, but not only humans. Several years ago Nagoro village had a three-digit number of permanent residents (approx. 400), but around 2017, the laws set by the state for the reduction of population dramatically affected the village of Nagoro, thus reaching about 25 inhabitants.

#6 Aokigahara, Narusawa, Yamanashi, Japan
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Once again we are in Japan but in the Aokigahara forest. The incredible thing about this forest is that it managed to form in a place where before there was lava from the last eruption of the mountain and an active volcano Fuji. In the forest, there is a rumor that in it live the ghosts of the dead in Japanese mythology. But apart from this reputation, is considered as the most famous destination of recorded suicides, a feature that adds the Aokigahara forest to our list of the scariest travel destinations. It is also worth noting that Japan is quite high in suicide statistics and in particular in 2020 there were about 21 thousand suicides.

#7 Sagada, Mountain Province, Philippines
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The 7th scariest destination that will surprise you when you see it is in the Philippines and consists of dozens of coffins hanging from the cliff or in caves. The reason coffins are hung in the Sagada area is because there is a belief that the higher the corpses are placed, the more likely they are to reach a higher position in the afterlife. This burial ritual has been followed for at least 2 millennia by the inhabitants of the area. The elderly create handmade coffins for themselves with engraved symbolic words, phrases, or symbols.

#8 Centralia, Columbia County, Pennsylvania, USA
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The city of Centralia and the mine of the same name in the USA were found engulfed in flames in 1962. With a population of about two thousand inhabitants, today it has less than 5 inhabitants as the flames, turbulence, and demolition of buildings do not make everyday life in the area easy. Everything was caused by the large volume of waste that was collected in the 3 illegal landfills in the area. Waste was used to dispose of the waste, with the result that the fire penetrated the ground and ended up in the Centralia mine. For several days the fire brigade tried in several ways to extinguish the flames but to no avail. To this day there are flames on the damaged roads and it is definitely a pretty scary and dangerous destination.

What do you think? Did these destinations manage to scare you?

By Anna-Maria Seremetaki

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