Top 11 Strangest Hotel Services In The World!

Have you ever wondered how demanding hotel guests can become? And yet, they can ask for unbelievable, non-existent, and quite strange things.

In the effort of the accommodations to satisfy some of the strangest needs of their customers, over the years several new services have been invented. The services listed below can or could be provided upon request and a fee is required.

For music lovers

#1 Recording studio

You can rent per hour a recording studio with several musical instruments that you can use for personal recording or to create a music track.

#2 Musical instruments upon request

Just as in a common hotel, you ask for a few clean towels, so in some hotels, you can ask for a musical instrument to be brought to your room. In the hotels that have had this service, the instruments are usually of famous artists.

#3 Private opera act

If opera is a genre that appeals to you, then you can request a private show at the hotel where you are staying! Of course, your room will be large enough for this to happen or you can be transferred to a hotel specifically designed area.

For the adventurous

#4 Yoga on an elephant

From the title, you understand that you can do your relaxing yoga not just on an exercise mat but on an elephant. Do not worry, if you want to try it you will have enough training before the lesson on your balance on the elephant.

#5 Travel by balloon

An extremely exciting and unique trip is the balloon trip. You will have an amazing view from above but you are closer to the ground than the airplane. You feel the free-breathing fresh air. You can also do professional photography up there.

#6 Dog surf

In the beautiful and well-known surfing waters of Colorado, a few years ago it was observed that some dogs were trying to surf with their human friends so today there is a private surfing lesson for your dog!

For lovers of new experiences

#7 Spice making seminar

Spices are used worldwide to modify and flavor a raw material. In this lesson, you have the opportunity to “play” with well-known spices and mix different items so as to create a new spice of your own, which you will store in a glass container!

#8 Cigar seminar

An original service is to create a cigar. In this group, you are trained to learn how a leaf is twisted, filled with smoke, and decorated to create a final cigar.

For homebodies

#9 Rent the “Happy” fish

The homonymous hotel “Happy” because it had as its main purpose the happy guests provides you the “Happy” a goldfish to accompany you!

#10 Pillow fight set

If you are traveling with your family and feel the “need” to play pillow fight while staying at The Ritz-Carlton Palm Beach then you can simply inform the front desk. In a while, a pillow fight set with 30 silk pillows, two sets of boxing gloves and instructions for various pillow-based games will come to your room.

#11 Sleep Consultant

At Benjamin Hotel, you can ask for the sleep counselor who will come to your room and in addition to the wide range of pillows, s/he will present to you, will prepare the space for you to relax, will perfume your linen, will suggest a massage sleep preparation and with various tests and discussion will try to ensure you a quieter sleep.

Did you know that these services exist? Be careful, because they do not exist in all accommodations, they are only…for demanding ones.

By Seremetaki Anna-Maria

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