Top 3 countries for gastronomy tourism!

Food is a vital need and at the same time the reason for the existence of a kind of tourism, gastronomic tourism. The need for food is the same for all of us, but it also differentiates us. Gastronomic tourism arose precisely because of this difference: the difference between tourists who simply eat during their travels and those for whom gastronomy has a decisive influence in the choice of their destination.

The cult of quality ingredients and the unique recipes of each place have pushed many people to travel around the world to taste Italian, Mexican, Japanese, Peruvian cuisine, and many more. A gastronomic tourism trip may also include participation in cooking classes or visits to traditional product production units and processing companies (dairies, olive mills, canneries, wineries, etc.),

But in addition to the food aspect, gastronomic tourism includes the drink consists of thousands of varieties of wines, champagnes, beers, and unique local drinks. Tourism for the purpose of tasting wines or visiting wineries is also called Wine Tourism.

The growing popularity of national cuisines such as Thailand, India, Mexico, and China is largely attributed to tourism where visitors try local food.

UNESCO Creative Cities

The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has identified specific foods, authentic dishes, and some food systems as a World Heritage Site, having created the Creative Cities Network – UCCN (Creative Cities Network) project. A total of 36 sites in different countries are included in this UNESCO Creative Cities list.

Top 3 countries of gastronomic tourism
#1 France
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The number one country in gastronomic tourism is France. Many dishes come from French cuisine and have been immersed in world halls such as Croissants, Crepes, Baguettes, Ratatouille, and more. France is also responsible for the management of the food units as it has the forefront in the items and the way of serving, the behavior of the waiters, and the presentation of the dishes.

#2 Japan
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In Japan and specifically in Tokyo, you will find the freshest sushi in the world, cool izakayas, gyoza, okonomiyaki, ramen, takoyaki, and other authentic Japanese recipes which have become famous to everyone with the rise of gastronomic tourism.

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Turkey also has many local and popular dishes such as Doner, Kebab, Imam Baildi, and Baklava. It is impossible not to visit Turkey at least once to try them.

If this article whets your appetite, then you need to think about the food you would like to try in as an authentic local dish.

By Anna-Maria Seremetaki

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