Vassilianna Liakou

My name is Vassilianna Liakou. I’m 28 years old and I’ve been living in Athens for most of my life with some time also spent in London. I’ve graduated from the Department of Oenology and Technology of Beverages and declare fascinated by the world of wine! The past 3 years I’m working in wine tourism in Santorini, the best place for greek winemaking as many believe. On top of that, I’m also attending Music-Therapy seminars, combining two of my interests, Music and Psychology.

My hobbies – apart from good food and good wine of course- are watching movies, learning foreign languages, having philosophical discussions, playing the piano at the most inappropriate times and of course travelling!

Dream destinations are Japan, to watch the Midnight Sun and of course to visit ALL the wine regions!

Favourite phrase: In vino veritas (in wine there is truth)