Emily Mada

Hello everyone! My name is Emily. My time is divided mostly between Pyrgos, the city that I was born and raised in, and Ioannina, where I am currently studying Philology as a second-year undergraduate student. You may also spot me in Thessaloniki, a city that I adore for many reasons and Patras, where I go every time I want to take a break.

Apart from traveling, my biggest love is literature.

I have been to the biggest part of Europe (19 countries) and in Turkey, as well as in many places in Greece.

When I am traveling, I try to live like a local. I am eager for things that let me experience the authentic side of a destination. For example, I enjoy getting lost in the roads of an unknown city and going to non-tourist places. Besides, I love learning words and phrases of each country’s language and of course things about history, culture, and cuisine.