December is the brightest month that young and old are waiting for. Regardless of religion, Christmas is now a happy time with music, lights, sweets, and local customs that spread smiles! In many countries, the winter school holidays begin in mid-December, so Christmas is a family holiday and an opportunity for gatherings, surprises, and play. In this article, we will present to you the 5 biggest Christmas theme parks of the world. #1 Europa-Park, Rust, Germany Europa-Park is the largest theme park in Germany. In this huge space, you can

Deserted, emotionally charged, abandoned, or haunted destinations are places that knowing or hearing their history is enough to scare you. This article is dedicated exclusively to scary tourist destinations that even the toughest reader, with at least one of the following destinations will bend. According to science, terror and mystery are combined with the hormone adrenaline and this pushes some people to seek such activities. Who would not be tempted and scared at the same time to walk on a dilapidated staircase leaning against a rock or approaching a gas

In this article, we will mention a fairly developing, paradoxical, and at the same time promising type of tourism. The alternative type of tourism “Poorism” is created by combining two words, poor & tourism that includes tours or living in underdeveloped areas and specifically in areas where residents live on the edge of poverty. An estimated 900 million people around the world live in slums with unhealthy shelters with problematic water, sewerage networks, and minimal education. This type of tourism begins the Victorian period when the upper class living in

Have you ever wondered what the interior of a Masonic Palace looks like? Well, you have the opportunity to admire it while you are actually staying in it! Of course, we are referring to the Mystery Hotel, the Masonic Palace of Budapest that was turned into a 5-star hyper lux hotel! The history of Mystery Hotel Budapest One of the main reasons to stay at the Mystery Hotel is the myths and secrets surrounding the original use of the building. Its history begins back in 1886 when two different Freemasonry groups (the Blue Lodge

From 2001 onwards, when we refer to literary tourism we mean those cases where a famous author attracts and greatly influences his readers, with the result that they want to know better the life of the author and his texts. This includes visits: in the country and city of origin of the author, in his home, in his activities (school, library, clubs, hangouts), in his grave in places he has mentioned in his texts. Literary tourists are particularly interested in how the destination has influenced the writing of each author.

Food is a vital need and at the same time the reason for the existence of a kind of tourism, gastronomic tourism. The need for food is the same for all of us, but it also differentiates us. Gastronomic tourism arose precisely because of this difference: the difference between tourists who simply eat during their travels and those for whom gastronomy has a decisive influence in the choice of their destination. The cult of quality ingredients and the unique recipes of each place have pushed many people to travel around

Remote work was favored worldwide during the pandemic and now is an ever-growing work trend. During the pandemic, research has shown that employees perform better in a different environment from their usual office, especially when they are at home. Your home offers intimacy and remote work offers you the ability to control the order and priority of your tasks. This new kind of work gave birth to a new type of tourism, workation. Workation consists of the words work & vacation. In fact, some countries have invested in this type

A budget room does not mean a bad stay! There is a variety of budget rooms that you can choose but the process of finding a budget room is complicated as in this room you will spend several hours of your vacation and it will be your temporary home, so it should be a convenient room based on your preferences. The best room for each person can be defined by many factors such as the accessibility to the room or whether there is a private/shared bathroom. In this article, you

If while reading the title of the article you thought of a luxury type of tourism with private jets or sea tourism due to jet-skiing, then you do not know the term Setjetting. Setjetting tourism is a type of tourism in which its followers visit cities, museums, squares, rivers, bridges (etc.) that they have seen in a movie or series. I am sure that through a movie scene you have dreamed of visiting at least one destination. Consider how the city of Paris and New York as well as the

Marken Island is the day trip you had been looking for during your visit to Amsterdam. It’s super close to the capital, easy to reach and has a lot to discover. It may be practically an island, however, it is connected to the mainland, so you won’t necessarily need a ferry to go there. To be precise, Marken is a village in Waterland, a province of the northern part of Holland and is 23 km away from the Dutch capital. You can reach it by almost all means of transport,

Having mentioned different types of hotels such as ice, gambling, with difficult access, next to nature and with special architecture, we could not recommend underwater places, a trend that tends to grow more and more. The underwater museums and the underwater accommodation rooms are in themselves a unique travel experience! Did you know that there are underwater rooms where you can spend the night with the fish? Read below information about 3 underwater hotel suites that will surely amaze you. #1 Manta Resort, Tanzania, Pemba Island This hotel is located

“Is it possible to be nostalgic for a place and a family that you’ve never met?” Are you a diasporic descendant and your answer is yes? Then maybe it’s time for you to be a genealogy tourist! What is genealogy tourism Diaspora which stems from the Greek words dia (through) and speiro (to scatter) refers to the dispersion of immigrants, expatriates, refugees, and other communities from their ethnological homeland. So genealogy tourism, as a special form of tourism, targets diasporic communities who wish to learn more about their roots. Τhe fact that an

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