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During the pandemic, many of our trips were canceled or postponed. Now, the desire to travel around the world has been rekindled even under these restrictive conditions. Really, what would you say if you could actually travel around the world going to just one location? I understand that it is difficult to believe this, but believe me, this can be done and it really exists! Where else; In the United Arab Emirates.

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In 2003 it was announced the completion of the creation of the world islands, a completely manmade island. They were sold according to their size from 1 million to 75 million for the larger islands. It was promoted as a place where the world elite could have fun and live while promising extravagant vacations, private beaches, and absolute tranquility. There have been several pauses in the exploitation of the world’s islands as the global financial crisis in 2008 mediated, as well as subsequent repressive factors that until recently hindered the development of the islands.

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The world islands, named after the shape of each island, consist of a cluster of 300 islands off the coast of Dubai. Access is only by air or by sea and while it was intended for 300 private islands, now you can visit them simply by staying in one of the hotels on the island!

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Part of the program “The Heart of Europe” started at the end of 2008. It is actually a complex of 6 islands in the islands of the world with 15 completely different countries. For example, you can spend 2 days at Sweden Beach Palace and then another 2 days at Portofino. Starting at Sweden Beach Palace, which features 10 luxurious beachfront beaches, with their own exclusive beaches and exotic lush gardens influenced by Swedish architecture and lifestyle, and continuing to Portofino, the first 5-star family hotel consisting of 3 large wings, with atmospheric and open views of the sea, the beach and the pools/gardens, each of which takes its name from popular Italian terms, evoking the charm of Italy: Bellissima, Dolce Vita, and Felicita. Detailed information can be found for all available parts of the program online on their website but unfortunately, some have not started yet.

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It is worth noting that from 2020 the island of Lebanon is operating normally. On this island, you can either go for dinner or spend your day on one of its two beaches or its pool or just organize an event.

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It sounds crazy to be able to travel from one place that looks exactly like the country of your name to another in just 10 minutes, and yet it is about to happen. Several islands have not been exploited yet, but even now it is worth a visit to the islands of the world!

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By Anna-Maria Seremetaki

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