Penny Sarakenidou

My name is Penny, I’m 22 years old and I’m a graduate of the Faculty of Law in Thessaloniki, which is also my hometown. I’m in love with travelling, especially abroad, ever since I was a kid, and since my first trip to Rome I haven’t stopped exploring cities, villages, islands and countries. Among the highlights of my travelling experiences are New York, Italy, Amorgos and the Netherlands, in particular, Groningen, where I had the chance to spend the 6 months of my Erasmus. Regarding my dream destinations, these include Russia, South Africa, Vietnam and Thailand, as well as a journey at the trans-Siberian Railway. For me travelling is not just about the destination, but also –and even more- the food you are going to taste, the people you are going to meet and the memories you are bringing back home. And this is what I’m trying to convey through my articles as well, since my goal is to make you feel as if you had been travelling with me. Join me in the adventure!