A taste of Barcelona

Welcome to Barcelona, the center of Catalan culture and a city full of scents and emotion, rich and turbulent history, with its shores amplifying her beauty even more, birthplace to many important artists.

All these elements couldn’t but influence its food, with tastes as colourful as the city itself.

Here are some of the most important dishes you have to try:


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As an extremely welcoming city for travelers, it’s no wonder Barcelona offers this unique treat:

Along with a drink or a cold beer, visitors can try Tapas, a variety of small portions of tasty dishes, which they can choose and combine however they like , arriving in little appealing plates. Try the croquettes with cheese, meat or fish, the bread topped with tomato and olive oil (one of the tastiest dishes, confirming once more that what may seem simple can be a success), empanadas , which are meat or fish pies, corva potatoes with hot sauce and finally a dish that will surprise you, fried eggplants with goat cheese and honey.

Tapas bars can be found anywhere in Barcelona, however if you wish to dine with the locals, head to the Garcia area, which is full of life and many small restaurants, each one different from the others, like the Bar el Roure which is highly recommended.

2. Churros with hot chocolate

churros with hot chocolate
©Vasia Daniil, voyagingtheworld.com

Start your day with an explosion of sugar, by trying this traditional Spanish combination of Churros with hot chocolate! Crispy fried dough, covered in sugar and cinnamon, served with scented hot chocolate to dip them in. The best shop in this category is with no doubt La Pallaresa Xocolateria-Xurreria, very reasonably priced, where other than Churros and hot chocolate (for an extra indulgent beverage ask them to top the hot chocolate with their delicious whipped cream) you can find many sweets such as Ensalmada, a kind of croissant, and Melindros biscuits. But be careful about the working hours! This traditional shop is closed in afternoons for siesta.


Although there are many theories concerning the inventors of this particular sweet, the most trustworthy of them suggests that Torrons were made for the fist time by Muslims who conquered the Iberian Peninsula for a time in history, with the purpose of providing their soldiers with energy. This bar, full of butter and sugar, was a great help for the fighters of these times, but today they excite us with their countless flavours. You can find the best Torrons at Vincens filled with fruits, cookies or caramel or even alcoholic beverages (whiskey, martini).

4. Paella

Having a special place in our mind as the most Spanish food that exists, Paella is a rice dish, with roots that extent deep into Spain’s history, which is named after the special pan that is traditionally used for cooking it. It comes in countless combinations, varying with seafood, pieces of meat or sausage, vegetables but always with safron used to add extra flavor. In reality, it’s a recipe that every family has, in its own personal way every Sunday, comfort food which bring together those who enjoy it.

You can find Paella everywhere but if you are looking for a fancy but still affordable meal, try Senyor Paradella. While you’re there try the desserts like Catalan cream topped with sugar or requeson cheese and honey cake.

5.Chorizo and Jamon

The Iberian Peninsula has a long tradition in cured meat products but Chorizo and Jamon are certainly the protagonists. The first one is a kind of pork sausage which is different in every region of Spain. The second one is a Spanish version of ham. Both of them are frequently featured inside Tapas but also as an ingredient of Bocadillos, a Spanish kind of sandwich. It is available in every corner of Barcelona when you are in need of a quick and cheap meal.

6. Tortilla or Spanish Omelette

This iconic dish called Spanish omelette or Tortilla de patatas is made simply with eggs, potatoes, onions and olive oil. It’s tasty and filling and can be enjoyed any time of the day. Although it’s served everywhere in Barcelona, you can easily prepare it yourself, to get more into the spirit of your journey.

Be careful how you flip them though!


By Vasia Daniil

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