Elafonisos and the famous beach of Simos

South of the Peloponnese ( 570 m. From Pounta) is a small Greek island, Elafonisos. It may seem a little bit strange but, this small island on the map is an attraction for both foreign and Greek tourists. Some of them, in fact, are regular fans.

What to see – suggestions for food in Elafonisos

As we enter the island by ferry boat and walk to the shops we arrive at one of the taverns of the island. I could make you some suggestions, such as the taverns “Antonis” and “Ourania”. In these taverns, the tourists enjoy fresh fish or traditional Greek dishes with local meat from Laconia.

In the afternoon, however, you can try an ouzo or a coffee in a shop, such as the one opposite the church of Agios Spyridon. It is interesting that this small church is connected as a separate island with the port of the island, which crosses a bridge that is located directly in front of it. In the morning, in Elafonisos, one can take a walk passing by the tourist shops shopping for souvenirs, gifts, and others, such as sweets, sugared buns, and macaroons.

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The beaches of Elafonisos

Elafonisos is generally a quiet island with crystal clear beaches. The great mythical beach of Simos is in front of Kythira on the other side of the island. It joins the small beach of Simos creating a creek. This double bay of small and large beaches is accompanied by a lot of tourism and every year the two beaches are full of sunbeds, umbrellas and many people who come to visit them.

Another choice, quiet enough,  is the beach in the West of the island and Lefki beach. It should be noted that this beach is not organized. However, the beach there has beautiful clear waters. On the other hand, crossing the north side of the island, we will find other beaches such as Pavlopetri which was historically an ancient sunken city and is famous for the scuba diving that takes place there, windsurfing and kitesurfing that the divers also love. Next to Hamokela beach is Lake Strongyli. Do not miss to visit this lake and don’ t forget that the island also offers opportunities for more relaxing hobbies such as fishing and cycling.

Where to stay in Elafonisos

For your stay in Elafonisos, I have some suggestions. If you want a hotel I would suggest some very close to the beautiful beach of Simos such as the Double Bay beach hotel or the Simosmare resort, while the Simos camping and the ‘Rooms with a view’ are also excellent choices. For a night out I highly recommend drinking a cocktail or a wine at “tARatsa elafonisos” in Elafonisos or enjoying a waffle at a nearby creperie.

Elafonisos is an excellent destination for those looking for relaxation, moments at sea, and tranquility. After all, it is a peaceful place for many tourists who visit it every summer. Although it does not give countless options, there is something that the lovers of the island know; it responds to the taste of every traveler.

By Anastasia Moraiti

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