Frozen holidays

Going through the coldest time of the year, winter, we all associatively have in mind the countries where the snow covers your car having this cold climate and, of course, the snow games, unlike Central Europe, which does not experience this kind of winter since it is located in the temperate zone of the planet.

Tourism as well as accommodation in the northern countries for example Norway, Sweden and Finland can not offer summer resorts providing sun and sea but can easily offer transport with husky, decoration with ice sculptures, the opportunity to see the North Saddle and a completely different life experience. An alternative way to stay in the Nordic countries is in ice hotels.

Ice hotels do not exist in abundance on our planet, because they are quite difficult to build and maintain. In fact, in countries where there is plenty of snow, specially trained sculptors are beginning to design ice hotels. The disadvantage of such accommodations is that their duration is very short with the result that every year they need to be re-built.

The 3 most popular ice hotels:

#1 Jukkasjarvi, Lapland Sweden – Ice Hotel

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Ice Hotel is the first ice and snow hotel where it first operated in 1989, introducing this alternative concept to the history of tourism. It is estimated that 2,500 tons of ice are needed to create it, allowing you to stay in various types of rooms from a single double room to suite, at temperatures up to -25 degrees Celsius. The special thing about this hotel is that in each room the ice sculptures are different. The activities of the accommodation are the sleigh tours, the care of reindeer but also the relaxation in the bar or restaurant of the hotel or the gathering of the guests in the fire to watch the Northern Lights.

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©Boutique Hotels – Icehotel Jukkasjärvi – Sweden, pinterest.com

#2 Alta, Norway – Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel

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The northernmost ice hotel in the world is the Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel which opened in 2001. International artists design the sculptures of the hotel and one of its features is that every year it chooses a different theme during its construction by choosing to decorate all the spaces with a specific pattern as for example the Vikings theme. It offers activities such as sleigh or husky rides, a visit to the property’s private ice chapel and a sauna. It also has reindeer fur blankets and can offer warm clothes for up to 450 people.

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#3 Kittilä, Finland – Snow Village

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In Finland, there is the Snow Village with an area of ​​20,000 sq.m. A great effort is made to create this hotel with colorfully illuminated snow tunnels, a restaurant, an ice bar and a disco. The hotel also provides a room with a constantly heated jacuzzi and heating for those who wish to warm up or for those who have regretted this choice and are waiting to depart.

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It is worth mentioning that in all three above ice hotels, upon the arrival of visitors or guests, oral and written instructions for “survival” are given due to the polar temperatures. It is not common to stay in such low temperatures and that is why many people only choose to visit the places but not to stay there. However, watching a hotel built of ice is an unforgettable life experience.

If you can stand the cold or you are willing to endure it, you should add this trip to your to-do list regarding places!

By Seremetaki Anna-Maria

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