Who are the Millennials who renewed tourism?

Travel agencies in order to adapt their services have categorized travelers around the world according to their age into: Baby Boomers (55-72 years old), Generation X (35-54 years old), Generation Y (15- 34 years old) and the Z generation (5-14 years old).

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Generation Y or Millennials, unlike Generation X and Baby Boomers, are considered the most developed generation as they were born at a time when technology was growing rapidly.

Some features have Millennials are:

  • direct contact with the internet and social media,
  • a lifestyle with affordable prices on all services around them,
  • it is extremely difficult to become loyal customers in a brand,
  • existing hotel chains have been forced to redefine their accommodation to suit them.
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Millennials vacation

According to Expedia, one of the most well-known booking platforms for rooms, tickets and activities proves that Millennials travel mainly for two reasons, relaxation or to visit their family. The largest percentage of respondents had made domestic tourism during their last vacation, while only 19% had traveled outside their country of residence. 72% of users were affected by ads for choosing their destination and 70% stayed in hotels (mainly 1-3 stars). 63% finally organized their trip via OTA (Online Travel Agents) and 92% were looking for the best possible offer.

Internet and Millennials

The Internet dominates Millennial’s life. Capturing a daily moment on Instagram or Snapchat, sharing information on Facebook or Twitter is their routine. Searching for a travel destination and package is usually done online through dozens of platforms. Advertisements displayed on the internet as well as the lives of their friends, celebrities, influencers help choosing a destination even the type of trip (budget, luxury). Millennials have brought big changes to tourism as they look for alternative ways to have fun and accommodation, 78% prefer to spend money on an attractive experience rather than buy something they want.

Millennials’ demands are constantly rising while they are adopting a more ecological everyday life than and they are looking for the best possible prices. Their vacation is limited, that’s why they make sure to enjoy them to the fullest. From the accommodation side, efforts are being made to develop and attract Millennials. Should we plan our next vacation at a Marriott W hotel that combines stunning destinations, parties with the most modern electronic music and great fashion events?

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By Anna-Maria Seremetaki

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