5 hotels with difficult access that you never knew existed!

Are you planning to travel abroad after the pandemic?

Do you want to experience a special journey?

Do you like adventures?

Are you tired of basic accommodations?

If you answered “Yes” to at least one of the above questions, then you should read the following article.

Surveys conducted online have shown that the majority of respondents, after the pandemic, want to travel abroad and why not, to fulfill their crazy desires. The following accommodations are ideal for adventurous guests – like you – and those who want to experience something different.

What do these accommodations have in common? Strange access!

# 1 Bivacco Gervasutti, Aosta Valley, Italy

Bivacco Gervasutti is a specially designed capsule of 30 sq.m. located at an altitude of 2,835 meters on the Mont Blanc (the third highest peak in Europe – 4,808 m) forming a border between Italy and France. Created in honor of the famous climber Giusto Gervasutti, who lost his life climbing to the top. When you see the capsule for the first time you think it is ready to fall off the cliff, but in reality, it is 100% safe to stay there. It consists of four rooms and has photovoltaic units with modern batteries, generating electricity to be able to serve the lighting, the continuous operation of a computer and the use of a kitchen for cooking. Guests are advised not to connect devices with more than 2 kW so as not to waste further energy. The most interesting thing about this accommodation is that in order to get there, you need to walk a lot!

# 2 Natura Vive Skylodge, Sacred Valley, Peru

Natura Vive Skylodge is not for those who have acrophobia as it is a climbing experience on the mountain. They are actually vertical transparent suites hanging from the top of a mountain in the Sacred Valley of Peru with a maximum capacity of 8 people. They are specially designed for adverse conditions and offer a 360-degree view. Each suite has a dining area, a private bathroom and a bedroom. To be able to sleep in one of these three unique suites you have to climb with ropes 400 meters from the ground. Do not worry about the equipment and the facilities since they are constantly checked and evaluated (CE Certified)!

#3 Fordypningsrommet or Arctic Hideaway, Fleinvær, Norway
©Andrea Q, pinterest.com

This hotel is ideal for artists. It defines itself not as accommodation or hotel but as a hideout in search of creative solitude! Located in the Fleinvær Archipelago in northern Norway, it is the work of the composer Håvard Lund. The complex is environmentally friendly and consists of a total of nine cabins, ie four bedrooms, a kitchen, a shower and three activity cabins (sauna, studio, meditation tower). All cabins have large windows that offer endless views of the archipelago as well as the sea and the sky. The hideout offers an experience without electrical appliances (mobile, computer, tablet) for absolute peace since on the island there are no roads, cars, shops throughout the stay. Access to the island can be done by ferry (there are about 2 daily departures to and from the island) or by private chartered boat.

#4 Sala Silvergruva, Sala, Sweden

Another inaccessible and strange hotel is Sala Silvergruva, an old metal mine formed in a hotel, located 155 meters below the ground. It is quite large in area, providing unique activities within it, such as diving and hiking in many types of tunnels, bridges and historical tours. The temperature of the hotel rooms is 2-degrees but the guests have the possibility of heating their private suite. Of course, there is no signal or communication with the outside world but do not worry: you can communicate internally with the hotel receptionist. To get to the hotel you can either walk or rope down.

#5 Jules’ Undersea Lodge, Florida, U.S.A

Jules’ Undersea Lodge is an underwater hotel located 9 meters deep in Florida’s Emerald Lagoon and is the first hotel in the world where the only way to get to your room is by diving. It has an entrance room with a bathroom, a shared living room with kitchen, TV and Wi-fi and two private rooms where guests can enjoy the seabed through its one-meter round windows. The hotel staff can serve your needs -with diving- 24 hours a day preparing a meal or gourmet dinner, or they can prepare a surprise for you such as flowers or a cake for someone’s birthday. In addition to overnight stays at the property, scuba diving training is offered as well as certification for professionals.

Did you know that these accommodations existed?

If you consider yourself adventurous enough, you should not miss these experiences!

By Anna-Maria Seremetaki

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