Fournoi Korseon: The Aegean Island With Crystal clear Sea And Hospitable People

After three months in quarantine due to Coronavirus, we are free to set off on new destinations and forget about the nasty experience.

The weather is getting hotter and what could be better than planning our summer holidays longing for crystal clear waters and hours under the hot sun with friends.

Fournoi …. A complex of small islands that may not have the glamour, lifestyle, and fame of the most popular islands in Greece but their unique combination of crystal clear waters, natural and endless green along with the outgoing and hospitable inhabitants are a big draw and make it worth a visit. 

Sunset in Fournoi Korseon
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How to reach Fournous

They are situated in the Southeast of Ikaria and west of Samos. You can get to Fournous by boat from Pireaus. The voyage lasts about 10-11 hours. If however, you are already planning to spend your holidays either on Samos or on Ikaria jumping on a small boat or dolphin will give you the chance to visit Fournous as well.

Check here the flights to Samos island, which is the nearest airport to Fournous.

Check here all the available ferries!

Good food and long walks

As in most traditional Greek islands the inhabitants are great fishermen. That is why all taverns and restaurants on the island serve a great variety of fresh and excellently cooked fish at more than reasonable prices. You can taste fish appetizers while enjoying your ouzo, wine or a cold glass of beer, while lobster or shrimp spaghetti cooked with fresh herbs take your enjoyment of meals to a new level. 

Fournoi Korseon
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Homemade, traditional sweets, sold in small cafes are also worth tasting. My suggestion? Have a break from your island exploration and stop at BILIO’S homemade sweets. The owner, Mr John, will serve you a cup of coffee and his superb spoon sweets. 

Sunset in Fournoi Korseon, Aegean Sea
© Georgia Kapetanaki,

Beaches of Foirnoi island

The island’s coastline forms numerous small and unorganized bays ideal for swimming. You can take the small fishing boats on a tour around the island and discover virgin beaches with blue waters challenging you to dive without a second thought. Alternatively, sandy beaches, plenty on the island, like Psili Amos,Kambi ,Elidaki, Ai Giannis and Vlixada are waiting for you.

Beach in Fournoi
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Fournoi… a short trip on them will bring you close to nature and to friendly, smiling people willing to take you on a tour to every secret corner of their wonderful “home”.

Check here all the available rooms of Fournoi island!

View of Fournoi Korseon
© Georgia Kapetanaki,

By Georgia Kapetanaki

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