Is Myrtos beach the only ‘paradise’ beach of Kefalonia?

Myrtos Beach is certainly one of the main attractions of Kefalonia and stands out as one of the best, most scenic and unique beaches across Greece. This beach is so popular, there is virtually no chance you have not seen pictures of Myrtos on some travel website or social media. The stunning view from above of the turquoise waters along with long stretch of bushes and trees on tall hills just adds to its already existing beauty. It is the perfect beach for those who wish either to enjoy a peaceful day by the sea or for those who wish to have a drink, play rackets or any other beach-related activity. However, take a moment to consider several other beaches across Kefalonia which are equally beautiful to Myrtos but simply have not been graced with the same recognition.

Trapezaki Beach

Trapezaki Beach is perhaps the most unique beach of all you will read about in this article. Located roughly 13km from Argostoli (the main town of Kefalonia), it offers people much more than just relaxation. It is undoubtedly the most undisturbed beach of all on the island. It is clean, scenic and beautiful. This is mainly down to the fact that not many people frequent this beach. That’s because most people miss the small road that leads to the beach. However, if you take that small road, at the end you will find this small gem of a beach. It’s perfect for a calm day at the beach as it only has a few sunbeds and a small beach bar with the basic drinks and snacks you would expect. The waters are not only crystal clear and blue but also shallow, making it ideal for children as well. Also, it is a great place to walk along and take great pictures. After enjoying your time at the beach, there is a local tavern right on the beach, called ‘Denis’ that serves fantastic local seafood and wine, which is the perfect accompaniment to the sound of the seaside.

Makris Gialos Beach

This beach is the closest to Kefalonia’s main town (just 4km) and is one of the most beautiful organized beaches on the island. Two things, in particular, make this beach stand out, perhaps even more than Myrtos beach. One is the golden-colored sand and the other is the sea that looks green-blue up to a point until it suddenly becomes deep blue in colour. This makes the beach very scenic and as you walk down the steps towards the beach, every step you take is an opportunity to take loads of photographs. This beach also has a special feature. Much like the gliding activity offered at Myrtos beach, Makris Gialos offers the chance for people to engage in all kinds of water sports and beach volley. In other words, this beach is ideal for both those who wish to kick back and relax and those who enjoy themselves with a bit of entertainment. Also, apart from having its own beach bar, other taverns and coffee shops are easily accessible since the beach is very close to the main town of Argostoli.

Antisamos Beach

Antisamos is a beach on the east side of Kefalonia, very close to the port of Sami (a small port on the east side). By car, it is roughly 30km from Argostoli. This beach has roughly the same amazing scenery as Myrtos beach. However, Antisamos is known for its bright white pebbles and its very clear waters that make it ideal for those who like to snorkel. It has a large parking area, is well organized and has very comfortable sunbeds at a reasonably good value for what you will be receiving. Despite the fact that the sea depends rather quickly, the experience of swimming in clear green-blue colour waters while surrounded by green shrubbery is truly unique. Also, visiting Antisamos beach means that you are visiting the set of the 2001 film ‘Captain Corelli’s Mandolin’, so if you are a film buff, go spend the day at Antisamos!

Assos Beach

Located 36km north of Argostoli, Assos beach is the furthest from the main town but also the one that’s worth visiting the most. The beach itself is small and faces loads of pine trees that are perched on large rocks, creating a lovely ambiance while relaxing or swimming. What is particularly special about this beach is that while it is next to the local port of Assos, the water is clear and very clean. Unlike the other beaches of Kefalonia, Assos beach sits in front of the village of Assos, which is renowned for its beauty; specifically, its small houses all painted in different unique colours, creating almost the appearance of a Lego village.

This beach has a few sunbeds but is generally unorganized and does not have any beach bar. However, right next to the beach are several small coffee shops and local restaurants, which are open all day. This is a beach you should not miss out on because you are swimming next to the traditional architecture of Assos village, which has not changed since it was rebuilt after the 1953 earthquake that destroyed most of Kefalonia.

Xi Beach

Xi beach, Kefalonia, Greece
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Last but not least is Xi beach, near to the old village of Lixouri and north-west of Argostoli. This beach is very special and different from every other beach in Kefalonia because of dark reddish coloured sand. That, as well as the clear blue waters, is something that makes Xi beach very unique and certainly worth a visit. Of course, the beach has its own tavern just behind, which can also serve snacks and drinks right at your sunbed. However, what separates this beach from the rest is that you can use the grey clay located on the rocks as a natural body treatment. All you have to do is spread the clay onto your body and with time, the clay will act as a cleansing agent and will detoxicate your body. If there is anything that is worth a try, it is that!

So yes, Myrtos beach is stunningly beautiful and is probably a determining factor for many when deciding where to spend their holidays. However, these other five beaches discussed offer something more than just beauty; they offer a unique feel, landscape and other activities. Whenever you visit Kefalonia, be sure to leave enough time to visit all these amazing beaches and take lots of pictures. Enjoy!

By Dimitris Giannoulis

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