Top 5 reasons to visit Corfu island

Corfu, the wooded isle of the Phaeacians, Odysseeus’ last stop on his long journey home to Ithaca, is the best known of the Ionian Islands. An island at the westernmost edge of Greece. It is a place with a great history and is characterized by strong Venetian, English and French influences.

Explore Corfu

The historical and religious monuments, the magical villages, the beautiful nature and the hospitality of the locals offer memories difficult to forget. Corfu Town is an alloy of sightseeing with plenty monuments from the Medieval times, including the Old Fortress, the New Fortress, Liston Promenade, the Church of Saint Spyridon, protector of the island, the  Palace of St. Michael and St. George.

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Beaches of Corfu

With clean water and surrounded by lush greenery, beaches in Corfu attract many visitors every summer.

  • Agios Gordios Beach: This is a wonderful beach and one of the best on the island. It is located at the south part of the island and it is sandy, quite sheltered and very shallow into the sea. In peak season, there is a great amount of sunbeds of varying quality. It is a great beach for exploring or walking and swimming.
  • Halikounas Beach:  This beach is characterized as the desert of Corfu. It’s a huge sandy beach in the south part of the island. In sharp contrast with the rest of the island is green and full of trees and plants. It is an ideal choice for relaxing moments because it is not so crowded. Two beach bars there for drinks & a bite to eat.

Traditional Corfiot Cuisine

Corfiot cuisine has absorbed many different influences throughout the years, from the various civilizations that found themselves on the island. So if you are looking forward to taste Corfiot dishes taste Sofrito, it is a classic one. Sofrito is made with beef that is fried and then simmered with three ingredients that create a balance of tension between each other, vinegar, garlic and parsley, while white wine is often used. The result is a very tasty dish, with a thick, white, velvety sauce. Corfu characterized dish would probably be Pastitsada. Traditionally a Sunday feast, this meat casserole bears strong Venetian influences. Pastitsada is cooked with fried beef with spiced onion garlic cinnamon laurel chopped tomatoes tomato paste and red wine. It is usually served with coarse spaghetti local grated cheese.

Kumquat from Corfu

An oval orange fruit with a sweet and slightly acidic taste. Kumquat is a citrus tree, which is originated in China and Japan. Although, is grown extensively for almost a century in Corfu. Production kumquat in Corfu can reach 100 tons per year. The kumquat is rarely eaten raw, but is used for producing great liqueurs, amazing jams and candies. Don’t miss the chance to try the Kumquat liqueur, which is served on the rocks as a digestive drink after every meal. It is also delicious with crushed ice or as an ingredient for cocktails with “Greek taste”. It can be combined with fruit salads and it can be used to flavor a dessert mixed with chocolate and almonds.

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Nightlife on Corfu

When the sun goes down on the island, you will be spoilt for choice on where to spend your evening: around the island, there are many places for an unforgettable nightlife experience. In the old town of Corfu, There are mostly lounge bars and cafes with a variety of musical options, which stay open until midnight. The nightlife of Corfu Town also focuses on the area near the port, where the bars and clubs are open until the sun is up. In summer, orchestras and groups hold the Esplanade frequent concerts; The majority of them are free of charge. Corfu town boasts the oldest musical band of Greece. Every September the Festival of Corfu takes place, with concerts, ballets and plays, by Greek and international artist.

All in all, Corfu is an amazing island that can combine different types of holidays and entertainment. It is an ideal destination for every age and a really friendly place for families. There are plenty ways to come on the island. The most convenient one is by plane as long as Corfu has an international airport. See you on Corfu!

By Marielena Panagakou

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