Milos: a must-visit Greek island

One of the most beautiful islands in the Cyclades is Milos. It looks like a small island on a world map,
but it’s a really great summer destination. In addition to its enchanting beaches and local cuisine, there
are so many things a traveler will always discover about this island that carries both a story and a
natural beauty in terms of the island’s geology and coastal areas.

How to get to Milos

Milos is generally an “easy” destination. There is an airport 4 km from the port of the island, Adamas with daily flights from Athens, but I highly recommend booking ferry tickets with the high speeds that make 4 hours only from the port of Piraeus and you are economically and “straight” on the island!

First excursions to Adamas!

All of us when we arrive on an island the first thing we want is to leave things in our accommodation and wander. There are many rooms to let in Adamas and believe me it is a very convenient place for those who do not have or rent a car and wish to travel by bus, as there are lines starting from the port to villages and various famous beaches of Milos, such as Sarakiniko, Pollonia , Provatas, Fyriplaka … as long as you have a brochure with the itineraries. Plaka, the island’s capital, from which its history unfolds, is also a place of great interest.

Here you have direct access to supermarkets, banks, tourist shops, fish taverns and nightclubs. Milos offers a quiet nightlife, not a noisy one. As the nightclubs are located at a high point, you have the comfort to enjoy your drink or beer overlooking the harbor and the surrounding area. Staying in Adamas has a lot of benefits.

There are definitely many solutions to move around the island. Don’t forget that you can rent a car, motorbike or an ATV and you can go everywhere. You have to get to know that in Adamas there are beautiful and quiet beaches and in front of the port, you can find the fish taverns with the local cuisine of the island. There you can enjoy, in addition to fish, traditional Greek dishes, such as grilled octopus with vinegar, baked lamb with potatoes, pork in steaks, garlic salad, zucchini and the famous Greek salad. In the tourist shops, you can find souvenirs, sweets, preparations, and even clothes! Don’t forget to try their white wine, it is amazing and is produced on the island. You can also find thyme honey, delicious jams and sun-dried tomatoes.

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Sarakiniko, Kleftiko, Pollonia and Paliochori

The beach that will definitely interest you is Sarakiniko. It is characterized by the process that the sea makes on its rocks, thus creating a lunar landscape. It’s a very small, but beautiful, beach with white rocks. It looks like a bay and you will not see any waves. There are many people with their towels on the white rocks and their cameras. Every summer this beach is literally full and fills the traveler with beautiful and adventurous memories.

Kleftiko is an ideal destination that can’t be ignored. It is accessible only by boat. Just make sure you go early to enjoy it more!

A sandy beach with salt marshes is Pollonia, one of the most beautiful beaches of Milos. The special thing about this beach is that it does not attract people to a specific place, as it is quite large. It has crystal clear waters and a few rocks. There you may find a crab or shells, but you will definitely enjoy your swimming. Before you reach the beach, I suggest you to take a walk in the taverns and cafes there and enjoy an ice cream. If you use a bus, keep your mind on the itineraries as well, since the road is long, but the trip worths it!

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Paliochori is a unique beach. Why? The answer is that it is currently characterized as the best beach of Milos and you have to find time to visit it. Its element is that it has an incredible sandy beach and small pebbles. It is located 10 km from Adamas and you can take hot sea bathing in the surrounding coastal area. Also the beach is organized and provides you with a mini bar and a canteen at the height of the rocks that face the beach. As you leave the sea, it leaves you with a salty taste. The sun is burning and you feel your temperature rising as you rest your foot on the warm sand. You will understand the magic of this beach when you visit it. And don’t forget; you don’t waste your day because you pay for the sunbed, but you spend all day relaxing on the most beautiful beach of Milos.

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Fyriplaka, Achivadolimni and Provatas

One of the most seductive beaches of Milos is Fyriplaka. It is a sandy beach with colorful pebbles. I should underline that it is very large, but it gathers a lot of people. The characteristic of this beach is a massive “plate”, a stone that has detached from the mountain located just behind the beach. This remains for years the photography spot for every visitor.

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Achivadolimni is also quite interesting as a beach since it took its name from the lake next to it that was full of clams. Provatas on the other hand is a beautiful beach with almost red sand and provides to the traveler the comfort of enjoying his or her bath and sitting in a tavern, such as “Nine Muses” to get his or her lunch.

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Plaka: the historical area of Milos

Plaka is a must-visit area of Milos. As you walk through this area, you discover not only its museums ( you will find with full of interest both an archeological and a folklore museum) but also the way of life of its inhabitants. It is special because it is not an ordinary area with amenities, but it looks like a small village.

The important thing to keep in mind when you get to Plaka is to climb to its highest point. From there you see the view of the island with its all-white houses and you can see how beautiful the sunset and its colors are!

Why you should visit Milos?

Milos, the “diamond of the Cyclades” covers the taste of every visitor as it offers carefree moments on beaches with red pebbles, black, white, yellow, and magnificently “golden” sandy beaches. At the same time, it offers relaxation to the traveler who wants to visit an organized beach, but also to the one who prefers its wild and calm nature. Wandering around the island will get you wonderful memories of its clear blue waters while looking at Milos from above will make you love the beautiful Plaka, but also the special port of the island.

By Anastasia Moraiti

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