Antiparos: the small paradise of Cyclades!

Αντίπαρος Antiparos

Antiparos in recent years and is becoming the favorite destination of many people of different temperaments. The reason is that it is an island that you can experience it either as a high-class destination or as nostalgic of nature and a camping lover.

How to get to Antiparos

Antiparos is only accessible through Paros.

So first you will arrive in Paros by ferry from Piraeus or by plane. Then you have the following options.

Through Parikia: From the port of Paros, you can take the boat that will take you to Antiparos in about 30 minutes. Its cost is 5€.

Through the port of Pounta: Alternatively, you can take the bus from the port of Paros that will take you to the port of Pounta for 1.80€. From there you will take the ferry boat that will take you across to Antiparos in just 7 minutes for 1.30€. If you want to pass a car across, then this is your only option. The cost of moving the car is 6.30€.

Where to stay in Antiparos

Although I experienced Antiparos from camping, where by the way it was one of my best experiences, the next time, I will stay in one of the many rooms full of view.


Antiparos has only one camping, which is located in the north of the island, on the beach of Agios Theologos. It is one of the oldest camping in the Cyclades, but also one of the most preserved. It is completely budget-friendly, as it is priced only per person (low season – 7 € / day and high season – 9 € / day), without having to pay for a tent seat. Inside you can find everything you need, as it has a mini-market, restaurant, and bar. Tent seats are for all tastes, as you can either just stand under a tree or be isolated in a fenced square of reeds. Its special feature is its beach, which is for all tastes since it is also nudist.


If you prefer to have your personal space, then the best option is to rent an Airbnb type room. As Antiparos has now started being built, most of the accommodations are in the philosophy of a detached house in a sparsely populated area and with an unrestricted view of the Aegean Sea. After all, isn’t this also considered a summer vacation in Greece? Be able to see whenever you want the sea and the view of an island!

The most ideal area for such accommodation is in Agios Georgios, in the southern part of the island. From there you will see Despotiko, a small island full of ancient. If you have more expensive taste, the area of ​​Soros beach in the southeast of the island is ideal for you.

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The beaches of Antiparos

Most of the island’s beaches are located to the east of the island. These beaches are protected from the wind, which offers a refreshing dive!

  • Psaraliki 1 and Psaraliki 2: They are located quite close to the center of the island and are easily accessible on foot. It provides natural shade as it has several tamarisk trees on the beach.
  • Soros: It is the largest beach on the island.
  • Sostis: Ideal beach for diving enthusiasts.
  • Camping beach: It has the characteristic that you can do the “Wet Walk” up to the island of Feira.

Details of other beaches worth separating:

  • Monastiria: It offers a very beautiful bottom.
  • Agios Georgios: Very clean sea overlooking the island of Despotiko.
  • Sifneika: In the background is the island of Sifnos. The best beach to enjoy the sunset.
Sunset in Antiparos
© Giorgos Boznos,
Beach of the Camping
Agios Georgios Antiparos
© Giorgos Boznos,
Agios Georgios Beach

Entertainment on the island

Antiparos is the island that whatever character you are, no matter how you dress, what your budget is, you will have a great time!

If you are a fan of cocktails, then in the islands square you will find stores that can offer you a wide variety of them. You can enjoy them on a terrace or a bench, among other happy people. Besides, you won’t miss meeting new people and you will make new friends on this island. Some of these stores are Boogaloo and Tabula Rasa.

If you like listening to classic rock music, your choice is Doors for Beer, which is also located in the square.

Extra Tip: If you have a car, you can go up the road to the Cave. There at night, you can see nebulae and constellations in the sky. Everything you have to enjoy with the right company!

Let’s go a little further in the evening when most stores are closed and your choices aren’t many. My mistake, your choice is one and you have to take it to say “Yes, I have lived Antiparos!”. Let’s talk about Disco La Luna. If you’ve been to a disco in your life, forget everything right away. La Luna will offer you a music experience that will remind you of the days when discos dominated the evening entertainment. On the huge track, you will dance with many other, unknown at first, groups, and then you will understand that in the end, everyone in the store is your friend. You will meet people, talk to them, dance and drink!

Of course, to go there you will walk from a dirt dark road, but don’t panic! As we said everyone there is your friend!

After it is about to dawn, the ideal time to turn off the night is to enjoy the sunrise. The nearest beach to do this is the camping beach.

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Food on the island

A good choice for breakfast is the “Elia” in the port, where you will have countless options for brunch.

However, going to an island and not eating in a fish tavern is not possible! That’s why it’s worth going to Agios Georgios and eat in the “Pipinos” tavern, on the balcony overlooking the sea with view on the island of Despotiko.

Now that you’ve eaten your main meal, dessert is a must. You will find the best ice cream on the island near the island square, at “Vicky’s”, where you can taste a variety of ice cream flavors.

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How to get around in Antiparos

Antiparos is a fairly small island that will not be difficult to get around.


The island has a bus from the port to all the beaches with itineraries every 1 hour. The first route to the beaches starts at 09.45, while the last to the port is at 20.05.

Car-ATV’s Rent

Although a small island, Antiparos has several car rental shops. The road network is very small and in a very good condition. The prices are normal, since for a 5-seater car the price starts from 30 € / day, as ATV’s have a similar price. The advantage of renting a car is that it allows you to visit remote beaches and places where the bus of the island does not reach.

By foot

If you are bold and a fan of walking, then Antiparos is an island that can offer you hiking. You can swim in many beaches, as they are quite close. The distance from the northern edge of the island to the south is 2.5 hours on foot. I know, it sounds like a lot, but when was the last time you walked an entire island?

Boat (BONUS)

Captain Antonis organizes one-day excursions with his boat, in which you will see many beaches of the island, hidden and not. You will stop at bays where you can dive, listen to music, have a drink and stop for a barbecue on the island of Despotiko.

I hope you see the island of Antiparos with the eyes I saw it. Then be sure that the moments you will spend there will be magical!

By Giorgos Boznos

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