Copenhagen: the city of dreams

Is it your first time travelling to Copenhagen? Revisiting? Either way feel absolutely blessed because, my friend, you have stumbled upon the ultimate Copenhagen travelling guide (if we say so ourselves). In this article you will find the must-visit destinations and easy and effective tricks to make your trip more affordable and convenient!

Landscapes and Museums to visit in Copenhagen


Nyhavn, Copenhagen, Denmark
© Κυριακή Κυρατζοπούλου, voyagingtheworld.com

Nyhavn is one of the most famous destinations in Copenhagen. It is an amazingly beautiful port with colourful buildings that will take your breath away! There are a great number of restaurants to choose from, yet be cautious of their touristic nature. It is a must visit for a walk near the river.


Christiansborg, Copenhagen, Denmark
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The central palace has been built 800 years ago and is still used by the royal family for social events. Its beauty is indeed unimaginable. Except from its reception rooms, there are also open to the public the royal kitchen, the royal stables, the Ruins and The Royal Chapel. Especially the Royal Kitchen is so fun to visit because of its interactive nature. In the Royal Stables the actual Horses of the Royal Family are stationed there as long as with an exhibition of the royal clothes and the royal stagecoaches for centuries.

Note: Amalienborg and Rosenborg Palaces are as stunning and if you have some time to spare on more than one palaces you should consider paying a visit to all three of them.


Stroget, Copenhagen, Denmark
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Stroget is a wide road of shops and street food restaurants which are absolutely beautiful and multinational. A great restaurant to visit here would be Sticks n’ Sushi. It is the ultimate sushi restaurant with fresh and qualitative ingredients! If you have a sweet tooth, you should surely visit Conditori La Glace. The genuine patisserie of Copenhagen dates back to 1870 and guaranties some of the best desserts you have ever tried!

Note: Bear in mind that both options are pricey!


Tivoli, Copenhagen, Denmark
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Tivoli is an amusement park which has not only a vast of options to choose from and have fun but also tasty food! What is very surprising about it is that it is decorated according to the season (i.e. Halloween theme, Christmas theme and so on).

The little Mermaid

The little Mermaid, the landmark of Copenhagen
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The little Mermaid is located some kilometers away from the center so taking the metro is recommended. It is a beautiful statue to take pictures with and a great connection to the rest of the sightseeing to come if you keep walking.


© Kyriaki Kyratzopoulou, voyagingtheworld.com

Kirkegaard is tecincally a cemetery, yet as spooky as it sounds, it proves the exact opposite. It is an absolutely verdant, absolutely beautiful park-like location filled with trees of many kinds and a vast of flowers. It is usually crowded with locals enjoying their walk, families and even parents with their babies. An absolute must-visit.

Church of Our Savior

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This church dates back to 17th century and is not only because of its architectonical beauty of baroque style worth visiting but also because of its distinguished tower from which the whole city is visible.

National Museum of Copenhagen

National Museum of Copenhagen
© Lizzie George, unsplash.com

Probably one of the most colourful and astonishing national museums to exist! The various cultures and exhibits, the architecture, the in-door garden and fountain are only some of the reasons to pay a visit.

National Museum of Copenhagen
© Charley Litchfield, unsplash.com


Christiania , Copenhagen, Denmark
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Christiania is one of a kind. It was founded nearly half a century ago by hippies and anarchists. It hasn’t altered much since then and actually drugs are freely sold and consumed. It is the only region in Denmark where they are legal. It’s architecture is also unique: It is filled with graffiti and located near a lake which justifies its rich vegetation.

© Kyriaki Kyratzopoulou, voyagingtheworld.com

Helpful guide

  • All things considered, Copenhagen is a rather affordable destination thus if you are in a tight budget, even if there are indeed some ways to save, you will still have to miss on a number of experiences.
  • In Copenhagen riding a bike is a classic so a great suggestion for a center tour would be to bike it through!
  • The Copenhagen card is actually an absolute convenience! It’s, really, a time and money savior, so 100% recommended. With the card you won’t have to worry about transportation tickets and museum costs.
Copenhagen, Denmark
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There is also a detailed map with great information with many landscapes, museums alongside with enlightening information!

Concerning the card, instead of talking endlessly about its multifarious options and conditions, we will link the official website’s URL, so that you can see the card yourself and customize it according to your preferences.

By Kyriaki Kyratzopoulou

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