3 days in magical Prague

Traveling to the Czech Republic, we arrive to its capital… Prague! Prague is a city of medieval style and cosmopolitan culture. A walk in its picturesque cobbled streets and the beautiful small Square of the Old Town will enchant the traveler who travels there for the first time. After all, those who have visited it for the second or third time recognize its beauties, especially during the autumnal months, without of course excluding the fact that it is an ideal destination for all seasons.

First day

Castle of Prague
© Charlie Gallant , unsplash.com

On the first day, we make a stop at the great Castle of Prague, a magnificent fortress built on top of a hill. It is a UNESCO heritage monument, where once, many years ago, laid the Austrian Empire. There, we look at the beautiful church of Saint Vitus.

Charle’s Bridge, Prague
© Duernsteiner , pixabay.com

One of the most famous sights of Prague is Charle’s Bridge. This bridge connects the New and the Old City of Prague. Continuing along the Bridge and the Vltava River, we look at, apart from the Castle and the temple of Saint Vitus, the Astronomical Clock! The Astronomical Clock, despite the fact that it is one of the most famous sights in all of Europe, is considered the “jewel” of the Old Town Hall in the Old Town Square. Decorated with paintings of Joseph Manet and medieval statues, it seems to be one of Prague’s most popular tourist attractions.

Astronomical Clock, Prague, Czech Republic
© Peter Kraayvanger , pixabay.com

Do not miss to see the church of Mother of Tun with its twin bell towers, a characteristic point where the voyager, taking his walks around Prague, enjoys sweets and candies from pastry sellers. For entertain the young ones, there are shops where one can find delicacies and other shops with puppets (witches, ballerinas, goblins and many others) for young and old people.

Second day

Klementinum Library, Prague, Czech Republic
© Izoca , pixabay.com

A must-see attraction that many do not know about Prague is the Klementinum Library. There are over 20,000 books in its shelfs and it is undoubtedly a masterpiece of baroque style and architecture. On the second day, you should not only visit the library but also the “Black Theater” in Prague where actors dressed in black, showcasing their amazing technique on stage, play with the light “in the dark”!

Third day

© Erzsébet Apostol , pixabay.com

On the third day in Prague, the traveler should walk through the city’s pubs. Beers produced in the area, such as Pilsner, Krusovice and Kozel, are very tasty even for those who are not fond of the sour drink. Prague Bohemian crystals are the most attractive objects to buy and you will find them in abundance especially during the Christmas period when the famous Prague market opens its doors. Prague’s nightlife is evident as pubs and bars pop up in places that look like houses on the outside.

Instead of an epilogue

In general, Prague is the destination that combines both sightseeing and shopping as well as entertainment with the ultimate goal of giving the traveler a beautiful travel experience. If there is more time, of course, there are other attractions to explore, such as “The Dancing House” and the “John Lennon Wall”. However, always having a travel map with you helps you for sure.

By Anastasia Moraiti

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