When blue meets the white sand on the island of poets: Lefkada

Lefkada is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful islands in the Ionian Sea! Its sandy, emerald beaches and the city of the island give a variety of choices to everyone who wants to discover it.

Lefkada is the only island where you arrive by car: a floating bridge connects Lefkada with the mainland.

It’s called “the island of poets” thanks to the famous poets and writers who were born in the island or lived there, such as Valaoritis, Sikelianos, Hern and others. In Lefkada you’ll discover the landscapes that inspired the poets and, if you’d like to learn more, you should visit the museum of Angelos Sikelianos as well as the historic center of Hern in Lefkada.

In addition, the Ionian island is well-known for its amazingly beautiful beaches, the most famous of which is Porto Katsiki. In the past, it was impossible for people to access the beach, and only goats (in greek: katsikia) could approach it, after which it was named. Another beach you should definitely visit is Kathisma or Agios Nikitas, near to Tsoukalades village. Many tourists choose camping in these villages for their accommodation.

Egremni is a unique beach with white pebbles, where a boat arrives from Vasiliki and cruise ships from Nidri. Vasiliki, Nidri and Agios Ioannis beaches are ideal for surfing and water sports. Specifically, Nidri is a touristic center of the island, as there are many accommodations and hotels there, as well as several boats and yachts at the port.

The route from Nidri to Porto Katsiki is a great one for a traveler who wants to discover the surrounding beaches by boat. Leaving the island by boat and going towards the “Prigiponnesia” we see Scorpios, the island of Onassis. Afterwards, we see other small beaches, such as Madouri and the little Chelonaki.

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The city of Lefkada is full of cafes, restaurants and shops, everything surrounded by beautiful architecture. In the city’s squares you can relax by drinking your coffee and enjoying the sun. It is certain that you’ll not miss any of your amenities or nightlife as the options for entertainment are numerous.

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Another picturesque place is a beautiful monastery of Lefkada that hosts a very small zoo: the monastery of Faneromeni. Wander around, take photos and watch Lefkada from above!

Are you still thinking about it? Let’s head towards the island of poets!

By Anastasia Moraiti

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