Paxos-Antipaxos: the islands with the most beautiful beaches in Greece

Summer has come and you are getting ready for the holidays, but you don’t know where you want to go this year. You google “the best / most beautiful beaches in Greece” and the first destinations to appear are these two small cute Ionian islands, Paxos-Antipaxos, and you discover that one beach is better than the other. And then you think this is paradise.

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Indeed, the beaches of the Ionian Sea are famous for their wild beauty and crystal clear waters. The beaches on these two islands have something unique. Here we are literally talking about paradise, about a gift that is so generously given, in order to live this experience of the blue lake. According to the legend, Poseidon extracted these two pieces from Corfu to make them a loving refuge for himself and Amphitrite. Very picturesque landscape, with magical sea caves and turquoise color. How can this landscape be real, you think by looking at the photos on the internet!

Paxos Antipaxos caves Ionian islands
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These beaches will impress you even more when visiting the islands. You won’t believe your eyes. In Paxos, there are many beaches that you can visit by road. The road network may not be the best and you may have to deal with a thousand cliffs, but definitely are most beaches accessible. But what about Antipaxos? There is no accommodation there, as the island is uninhabited. Access is possible only by tourist speedboats from the port of Gaios located in Paxos. The route is very pleasant and beautiful. The cost is about 10 euros per person and there is the flexibility of returning at any time you wish.

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One of the best beaches you can visit is in Antipaxos and it is called Voutoumi. It is a magical coast with turquoise waters. The famous travel guide Lonely Planet ranked her among the ten best beaches in Europe for 2015. The sand is soft and golden and the waters are crystal clear. Every summer it attracts thousands of tourists to enjoy the exotic landscape and the clear blue waters. Although it is not an organized beach, there are two taverns that you can be served, food or coffee. Bella Vista is located at the top and offers you food, coffee as well as an amazing view of the beach from above that takes your breath away.

Whatever I say is very little ahead of what you will see for yourself on these islands. Get your clothes, your swimsuit, and your camera ready and we’re off!

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By Ioanna Karagiani

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