Low budget tourism in Stockholm (Part 2)

In the previous article I recommended a number of museums and sights with free entrance that are worth visiting in the beautiful Swedish capital. However if you are foodies just like me, here are some ideas about food and drinks, so that you stay full and happy all day long.


Of course any article on Swedish food could not leave out the famous Fabrique, the small and picturesque pastry shops that can be found everywhere around Stockholm. It’s certainly the best option for having breakfast or a little snack and you can choose any of the dozens of them that can be found in the city center and taste traditional Swedish delicacies. Personally speaking my favorites are the well known Kanelbullen, the little circular pastries with cinnamon and sugar, also available in other versions, such as stuffed with cream or jam, and make a perfect combinaion with coffee or tea. Visiting a Fabrique is in my opinion a must not only for tasting the pastries but also for fully experiencing this magnificent city and its citizens’ lifestyle, since these shops are a go-to place even for locals, usually before work. The price of a Kanelbullar is 30-35 kr, which equals to around 3 to 3,50€. 

Cafés and bars

Αpart from my beloved Fabrique, an equally good choice is Louie Louie café in Slussen area, the spot where the old city connects to Södermalm. It’s a small cafe with coffees and other beverages, but it also offers small meals and is thus ideal mainly for breakfast or for a little break during the day.

Another café-bar, The secret garden in Gamlastan is a beautiful and picturesque gay bar which is suitable not only for coffee but also for beers and drinks all day long, with beers starting from 6 and coffees from 3,50 Euros. Prices are rather good compared to the usual prices in Stockholm, while their relaxed and joyful atmosphere will make you feel at home.

Next stop will be Benji’s in Kungsholmsgattan 11A, really close to the station, as well as to the City Hall. The owner is a 20-year-old man with down syndrome and the restaurant is a popular spot for locals, as well as travelers, offering homemade dishes and an abundance of beverages, while it stands out for its friendly and welcoming atmosphere. 

A foodie’s paradise!

Baras Backe is a beer place in Södermalm, Slussen, that offers an abundant menu with multiple starters such as french fries, nachos and mini burgers, that start from €8, as well as an abundance of main dishes that include fish-and-chips and a variety of burgers starting from 15€.

Another excellent option would be Hermans in Slussen, a vegan restaurant with slightly higher prices, since its dishes cost around €20. However, every Tuesday the restaurant offers a buffet, where with just 20€ you may fill your plate as many times as you want and you can try many of the restaurant’s specialties that will make you fall in love with vegan cuisine. Among the many pros of the store, apart from the unique inexpensive choice of the buffet, is also its view as the restaurant is situated across the sea and the Northern area of Stockholm.

In case you need a traditional twist,I would recommend Nomad bar, which is situated in Norrmalm area and has as a signature dish the traditional meatballs accompanied by mashed potatoes, pickles and berries’ jam. Just a bite is enough for you to understand why this dish is so popular not only in Sweden, but also in the whole world (even though -to be honest- nothing can top my grandma’s meatballs). The prices are quite reasonable, since each portion costs around 10 to 15 Euros. The restaurant is open from Wednesday to Saturday, while if you’re lucky enough you will also enjoy the live-music nights on selected days which is one more reason why Nomad bar is a favorite spot for locals too.

If you want to try something different not only in terms of taste but also in that of atmosphere, K25 in Kungsgatan 25 will be your destination. It is a large, continuous space -also known as food courts- where nine different restaurants can be found, with cuisines from all over the world, from burgers and Mexican food to Vietnamese and Japanese cuisine, and is therefore suitable for all tastes, while it offers both take-away and dine-in option.

Finally an excellent option for Italian cuisine is Meno Male, in Vasastan, as well as in other locations around Stockholm. It is a fantastic Italian pizzeria with delicious pizzas and prices around 10 to 15 Euros, while the owners, as well as everyone working there, are Italians and therefore they mainly serve in Italian (of course they also speak English and Swedish for those that are not familiar with the language). However the most characteristic part is the relation they have created with the locals, since many of them have learned even some basic Italian words, so that they can order their favorite dish in its mother tongue.

 Partying the night away

Despite what is usually told about the northern cities, thanks to the broad student and youth community from all over the world, nightlife in Stockholm is rather interesting. Certainly don’t expect opening hours like those of Southern Europe; clubs and some of the bars stay open from 3:00 in the afternoon to 3:00 in the morning; however, they are promising loud music and non-stop partying the whole time.

Our first stop would be Slackthuset in Globen area, the club itself being a unique and interesting experience. The club is comprised of 3 separate halls with different music each and special events every week, while among its advantages it is also included the big terrace of 600 m2, where the party goes on until the late hours.

Moving on, we will pass by Söderhallen Biljard AB in Slussen, an ambient underground bar for beers or drinks, where you can also play billiard, table-tennis, and more. The price for playing billiard is €6.5 per hour for one person and it changes depending on the number of players, while for 3 persons and more the price is fixed at €19.

Finally, another exquisite recommendation is Monky bar in Sveavägen 88A, a beer place that also plays really loud music, mainly pop, making you feel as if you were in a club. The prices are rather reasonable, with beers starting from €4-5 and the side dishes that are offered around 12 to 15€.

These are only a few of the countless food and drink options that a city as vibrant as Stockholm has to offer. I advise you to try as many of these as possible if you ever find yourselves in this beautiful European capital, although I also urge you to discover your own little corners. At the end of the day, the goal of every trip is for each one of us to discover their own new favorite place.  

By Penny Sarakenidou

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