Serifos: The Cycladic island for all tastes in Greece

Summer in Greece means sun, sea, good food and relaxation. You can find all these things in Serifos. A beautiful island that has everything you ask for to enjoy the few days of vacation that will bring you beautiful memories. Wonderful beaches with clear blue waters, good food, friendly people, fun time and sightseeing.

And now it is time to discover it!

Serifos from above (pic.)

How to go to Serifos island in Greece?

Of course, the first thought is how can I get there and the answer is by ship. Close to the port of Piraeus 5 hours with the ship but 2 hours with Fast Ferries. The price of the tickets is quite cheap. To be honest, I highly recommend the Fast Ferries route as it saves you time. Arriving at the port of Serifos, the first thing you see is the wild beauty of this Island. As in all Cycladic islands, the flora is almost not existent, but this is what defines the islands beauty. In front of you appears an island bare of green and beautiful with the Cycladic houses built from the base up to the top, with the castle at the top calling you to explore and discover it, to see the view from above, which I’m sure it will take your breath away.

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Castle – church of Agios Konstantinos

Where are you going to stay on Serifos island?

The options are many and for all tastes. You can always choose the one that satisfies you the most. The first option is to choose one of the many of the rentals that exist in Livadi, the port of the island, which gives you the opportunity to be close to beaches such as the beach Livadi, Avlomonas, Livadaki etc. The other solution of course is to stay in Chora, the capital of Serifos, located higher on the island 10 minutes by car or a little more if you use local transport, which fortunately is frequent if you do not have a car. So 10 minutes from the port, Chora gives you the comfort to have all the popular bars and shops at your feet with the only disadvantage that the seas are farther away as you have to use the local transport or your own car.

Then again if you are a person that loves adventure, then I have a suggestion for you: Camping. The Corali Camping is a place on Livadaki beach of Serifos that offers you everything you need to enjoy your stay in a more alternative and cheaper way.

But also, for the people who seek luxury, comfort, and relaxation, I did not forget you. Coco-Mat Eco Residences Serifos, on Vagia Beach, is a small luxury paradise that will surely meet your needs for relaxation and luxury with the ecological signature of Coco-Mat.

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Must go Beaches on Serifos island

And of course, on a Greek island, the main question always is: which are the best beaches? The island has beaches that will cater to all tastes. Golden sandy beaches for sand lovers, with high gravel but also rocky beaches and steep areas that only if you really want to explore them you find a way either with a lot of will and endurance or in a simpler way like to approach them with a boat.

The crystal-clear waters of Serifos

Avlomonas: a few minutes from Livadi with clear blue waters, golden sand. Partly organized but with a lot of tamarisk trees, so you will definitely find a place with shade to enjoy your time at the beach, also it has a nearby coffee shop and a hotel to enjoy your coffee or a meal. .

Agios Sostis: the next must-go beach which according to many, and me together, is the most beautiful beach of the island. It is a sea with wonderful golden sand, it is not organized but it has many tamarisk trees that offer shade so that you can enjoy your time at the beach without any problems. There is also a tavern in Agios Sostis where you can have your coffee and your water or sit down to eat without saying goodbye to this wonderful beach.

Agios Sostis (pic)

Kalo Ambeli: a small bay with deep blue crystal-clear waters, it has a sandy beach but around it, there are large carved rocks that got their distinct shapes from the weather. The beach is not organized, as there is no shop nearby, neither sunbeds nor umbrellas.

Ganema: The peculiarity of this beach is that on one side it is paved with white pebbles while on the other side with golden sand. There are no umbrellas or sunbeds, but there is still plenty of shade. For food or coffee, there are 2 shops nearby that will serve you. 

Livadakia: It is the closest beach to the port of the island, where the campsite is located, and this too has a nice sandy beach. Only the camping area is organized, but you can get water and everything else you might need from it and relax under the tamarisk trees and enjoy your swim. Compared to the other beaches it is not so enchanting, but it is an incredibly beautiful and clean beach to make the first dive after your arrival or the last just before you leave the island.

Food & Beverages

Serifos, at least from my experience, is one of the islands whose food, but also its shops in general, will not disappoint you.

For breakfast and coffee a very good choice is the CompassoRestaurant, overlooking the sea and the morning breeze with the taste of saltiness lingering in the air, you can enjoy your breakfast or your brunch at very good prices and be completely satisfied and get the necessary strength to continue your day, exploring the island. At noon after a delightful dive in the seas of Serifos, a tavern that won’t disappoint you is Bakakaki, with good food, besides the port of the island, where you can eat while being a breath away from the sea. I totally recommend eating some local food, because some of the local dishes are amazing, like fannelballs, fresh grilled fishes, etc. Also, a worth visiting restaurant is the Restaurant Chora, which as its name refers to, is in Chora of Serifos and offers very tasty food, in a very nicely decorated space, which catches your attention.

In the evening it is worth going for a drink in some of the most beautiful and popular bars on the island. One of them is Gaidaros, in Chora, a beautiful rooftop bar. It is worth drinking your drink with the view of the whole island at your feet.

Attractions on Serifos island

Last but not least, if you are one of those people who, when they go on an excursion, they want to see something more, apart from the wonderful beaches and enjoy good food, I have some attractions for you to see.

Serifos Chora: whether you decide to stay there or not, you will visit Chora once or twice and as many times as it takes you to enjoy it, because it is incredibly beautiful. In the morning, noon or evening, all hours of the day, the country is beautiful and full of life.

Venetian Castle: The Venetian Castle is the highest point of the country and from the chapel of Agios Konstantinos you can see a magnificent view. You can see beyond the Port and other Cycladic islands such as Sifnos.

Pano Piazza: Ano Piazza is the main square and meeting point for both locals and tourists. In the square is the neoclassical building of the City Hall with its bright colors, next to the Cathedral of Agios Athanasios. The top square is the perfect place if you want to enjoy some ouzo or rakomelo. After that, you can take a look at the shops with local products and tourist shops, also shops with art objects and clothes, up to handmade jewelry.

Windmills: Just below the castle you will find the picturesque windmills of Serifos.

One thing is for sure, if you want to enjoy the island, you have to go up and walk…a lot!

By Eleni Tzouvanelli

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