Workation: a new type of tourism that emerged in the pandemic!

Remote work was favored worldwide during the pandemic and now is an ever-growing work trend. During the pandemic, research has shown that employees perform better in a different environment from their usual office, especially when they are at home. Your home offers intimacy and remote work offers you the ability to control the order and priority of your tasks.

This new kind of work gave birth to a new type of tourism, workation. Workation consists of the words work & vacation. In fact, some countries have invested in this type of tourism either by setting up workplaces for rent by the day, or by strengthening the internet connections in their accommodation and other actions that aimed to achieve work and vacation in the same place.

workation in exotic places
Work retreats

After the appearance of the workation, the work retreats were created and they are places that provide large global companies to their employees for a period of time, away from their usual workplace. Employees can or are encouraged by the company to move for a specific period of time per department and work in specially designed spaces having the opportunity to travel with their family. Through workation tourism, the person can work but at the same time is on vacation.

coworking space
Workation in Norway

Norway is one of the first countries to promote workation tourism. It offers workplaces or conference centers that can be rented during the day or ski chalets with spaces that you can work and at the same time you can overlook the endless snow-capped mountains. Imagine working with your laptop and seeing the vast valleys or plateaus of the mountain or even better the Northern Lights. With great views, wild adventures, and one of the fastest WiFi speeds in the world, Norway is a safe bet for anyone looking to combine work and leisure.

The Beta Coworking Space in Vågå in the Gudbrandsdalen Valley started in 2016 as an alternative to rural business in Norway. This place is ideal for mountain lovers as there is absolute silence. During the pandemic, visits to the Beta Coworking Space increased sharply.

workation in Norway
coworking space

For those who love water activities, Unstad, the most famous surfing spot in the Arctic, is the right place to work. In the area, it is common to live with other employees but in addition to surfing, you can also go hiking. In fact, it is not necessary to participate in all the activities, you could just enjoy the scenery.

workation in the Arctic
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The and platforms help you find accommodation where you can stay overnight or you can rent just one office for private use. By renting a workplace you have the opportunity to choose how many other people you want in the same space, the dimensions of your office, and your working hours. For example, you can rent an office for one day, in a space where there are a total of 5 offices.

In addition to achieving work and vacation in the same place, workation ensures complete control of your schedule. Many even participate in activities in the morning and work from the afternoon onwards. Some choose to work from nine to five, while others turn on their laptops at night after spending all day outside.

Also, there is big support on workation Scandic hotels. With approximately 90 accommodations throughout Norway, the Scandic hotels offer you work in the lobby or corporate groups at affordable prices.


Finally, it is worth noting that in a difficult year during the pandemic, the citizens of Sweden have managed to continue working in contrast to other countries where too many companies have been forced to close.

By Anna-Maria Seremetaki

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