The scariest travel destinations! (part 1)

Deserted, emotionally charged, abandoned, or haunted destinations are places that knowing or hearing their history is enough to scare you. This article is dedicated exclusively to scary tourist destinations that even the toughest reader, with at least one of the following destinations will bend.

According to science, terror and mystery are combined with the hormone adrenaline and this pushes some people to seek such activities. Who would not be tempted and scared at the same time to walk on a dilapidated staircase leaning against a rock or approaching a gas crater?

#1 Mount Hua, Huayin, Shaanxi Province, China
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Mount Hua is popular for riding or hiking purposes. If you decide to climb the traditional way, then you will encounter a rather unsafe path along the rocks. You do not need very detailed descriptions of the situation or the traffic of the specific path since the pictures speak for themselves. It has been described as the scariest hiking trail but do not worry you can use an aerial tramway for a comfortable and relaxing walk.

#2 Island of the Dead Dolls, Parque Ecológico de Xochimilco, Mexico
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This place is located on a small island in the south of Mexico, no one had thought that today it will be a tourist attraction of the country. The story began when the guard of the island found a four-year-old girl drowned in the canal under unclear circumstances and a plastic doll was floating near her. As a sign of respect, the guard hung this doll on a tree and every year he hung a doll in her honor. This gesture started out of kindness but has now ended up as one of the scariest attractions in Mexico. Locals and tourists say they have seen the dolls move their heads, open their eyes and even talk. The dolls are now dirty and some of them do not have all their members but they are definitely staring at you. Today it is considered that spirits live on the island.

#3 Kjerag cliff, Rogaland, Norway
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Heliboogie is an annual gathering of friends of extreme jumps. It has started in 1998 and until today all participants share the same passion to jump from fixed objects. Another rather scary and dangerous destination is the Kjerag cliff. To reach the top of the cliff you need about 3 hours and from there you can jump to the absolute void. During heliboogie you have the opportunity to fly for up to 10 minutes. Pretty bold eh?

#4 Darvaza Gas Crater, Darvaza, Turkmenistan
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We continue the article with a highly paradoxical story. During drilling in the Darvaza area, the machines accidentally turned to a large gas tank, several meters below the ground. This harmful gas that emerged increased dramatically and the project supervisors thought of setting it on fire in order to stop the leak. Thus the Darvaza gas crater was created where it continues to burn continuously for about fifty years. Think that you can see the glow of the crater from miles away and the temperature is high enough that it is called the Gate of Hell. The area is protected and is an attraction of the area.

5 The Sedlec Ossuary, Kutná Hora, Czech Republic
©Elizabeth McConchie, pinterest.com
©Libuse Addarova, pinterest.com

Surely you have understood from the title that we are talking about an ossuary. But why is it special? Firstly it is located in a Roman Catholic chapel and secondly, all the bones are in places where you can see them around the perimeter of the space as decorative objects. It is estimated that there are up to 70,000 bones in the ossuary. Since 1995 the center of Kutná Hora is considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its baroque design, so you understand that it is worth visiting even once in your life even you will be in contact with thousands of human bones.

Were you scared of any of the above destinations? If not, in the 2nd part of the scariest travel destinations, you will definitely find one.

By Anna-Maria Seremetaki

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